2019 Liquid Force AUS Limited Edition Rant 125

2019 Liquid Force AUS Limited Edition Rant 125

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Supporting Wakeboarding all over the word in all its different shapes and forms is what Liquid Force is all about. In 2019, Liquid Force have product an exclusive Limited Edition graphic range for the Australian Market. These are only Available in Australia and in strictly limited quantities only. Each graphic series spans a number of different boards. The J.Nev series (Ecplise and Tao), the Busty Dunn series (Raph and FLX), and the Courtney Angus series (Metric and Rant).

Only available on the Australia limited edition boards. If your board fails, due to normal wear and tear, within the first 12 months of purchase it will be replaced under the following conditions;

Within 3 Months: FREE 3-6 Months:
$349 replacement fee 6-12 Months:
$399 replacement fee.
This offer excludes obvious board abuse.

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