Front Lake

The largest of the 2 lakes, the front lake at Cables boasts a Sesitec full size system that travels in the traditional anti-clockwise direction around the lake. It has 10 carriers and runs at a slower speed suitable for all riders especially aimed at beginners and first time riders. This is often called the “right” foot lake or simply “Lake 10”
The lake has 15 obstacles ranging from user friendly beginner slopes to larger advanced units.
The front lake operates during all opening hours


Back Lake

The back lake at Cables Wake Park is the smaller of the 2 lakes and is designed for more advanced riders. The cable is a 6 carrier Sesitec system that has both higher towers and runs at a faster speed. It also runs in a newer style clockwise direction and is hence often referred to as the “left” foot lake or simply “Lake 6”
The lake has 9 advanced obstacles that are larger and more challenging than thise on the front lake.
Opening hours for this lake vary with the season and demand, which are posted regularly via our facebook site Cables Wake Park.


System 2.0

The System 2 lake is nestled in the right hand front corner of the property and is home to 2 separate Sesitec 2 tower cable courses. These are straight line linear systems primarily used for the coaching program and especially usefull for beginers and first timers approaching the sport.